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A wide selection of flats: from petit studios to 5 bedroom
apartments that’s comfortable for a group of 13.

More than 60 apartments at your service. 

Who we are?

We love to travel, stay at private places, see the world and get mesmerized by authentic experiences.

And conversely, it’s uplifting to see the travellers’ charmed and contented smiles, to meet different people, cultures, views, the colourful world right where we are. Hosting became our passion, and living your passion is great, working on it is happiness 🙂

We offer many apartments, but we cherish all like our own, so that when our guests come they feel as if we have prepared our own homes for their pleasure, and that we welcome them like long lost relatives!

Many love to discover and figure out everything on their own, but even they can benefit from our local tips. We’re full of better and better ideas!

Come to Budapest, we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Souper crew 


Just an appetizer of the 60+ apartments:



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Give a go to the most popular and must do programmes among visitors and Hungarians in Budapest. Find your match by clicking on the buttons below.

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  • Best spas in Budapest
    Relaxing in hot thermal water is unique. But relaxing in hot thermal water in an outdoor pool surrounded by astonishing architecture is essential. Arrange tickets in our office and you get a queue jump with your ticket.

  • Rent a Trabant
    The legendary East German people’s car from the previous political era is still present. We have a great liking for it and offer guided sightseeing as well self-driven tours. Retro is back do not miss this one out!

  • CurioCity Budapest
    Do you want to hear the whisper of buildings? Do you want to tell your friends funny and intresting stories about Budapest? Then you need a local private guide. We are in touch with some great ones, turn to us for further information.

  • Riverride
    Amphibious sightseeing, a bus that floats on the river. This is something to do! Book your seat in advance.

  • Easy Cooking Budapest
    Learn how to cook Hungary’s world-famous dishes with ingredients that you can buy anywhere around the globe! Try our Pálinka (fruit brandy) and some of our great wines. If you would prefer something non-alcoholic, try our home-made elderberry syrup!

  • Fungarian Class & Walk 
    Combine a basic lesson in the Hungarian language with an insightful tour of some major Budapest monuments with our lighthearted 3-hour Class&Walk sessions that provide an easy introduction to the Magyars’ playfully poetic language along with helpful pointers about navigating around Budapest. 
  • Big Bus Budapest
    Our Budapest bus tour immerses you in one of Europe’s most entrancing cities. Hop on for panoramic views of spectacular Heroes’ Square, elegant Andrassy Avenue and the magnificent Parliament building. Hop off to explore Margaret Island, the old Castle District, and discover Budapest’s hidden gems.
  • Caving under Budapest
    Come and join cave tours which are led in English by qualified caving guides. Budapest is the capital of caves. It is the only capital in the world which has caves of significant size and length underneath its buildings and streets. Don’t miss out this unique experience!

  • Lion’s Locker
    Looking for a safe locker in Budapest? Next street to our office, Lion’s Locker is the one and only luggage storage in the heart of the city providing separated lockers with numeric codes. Check out their website for more info: https://www.lockerbudapest.com/

    1061, Budapest, Vasvári Pál utca 11.

Office: 1061 Budapest, Király u. 38. Phone: +36 30 628 2286 E-mail: info@souper.hu



Office: 1061 Budapest, Király u. 38.
Phone: +36 30 628 2286
E-mail: info@souper.hu