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30 Nov


Hungary is well known for its good wine, and also for our all-time favourite drink, the spitzer – or as we prefer to call it in Hungarian FRÖCCS.

Fröccs has a very simple recipe. It is the mix of (mostly) white wine and soda water. For people who have never tried this drink before this might sound a bit of a strange “cocktail”, but as we have proved it many times before … you can trust Hungarians when it’s about drinking…it’s either good or strong.

But as it always happens with Hungarian things  – the FRÖCCS case is not that simple. Water and wine? How difficult it could be? – you ask… well just watch!


(some) TYPES OF THE notorious FRÖCCS:

  • Kisfröccs (or Rövidlépés), “small fröccs” (or “small step”): l dl wine + l dl soda
  • Nagyfröccs (or Hajtás), “big fröccs” (or “rush”): 2 dl wine + 1 dl soda
  • Hosszúlépés, “big step”: 1 dl wine + 2 dl soda
  • Nagy házmester (or Háziúr), “head janitor” (or “landlord”): 4 dl wine + 1 dl soda
  • Házmester, “janitor”: 3 dl wine + 2 dl soda
  • Viceházmester (or Fordítottja), “assistant janitor” (or “his reverse”): 2 dl wine + 3 dl soda
  • Kis házmester (or Lakófröccs), “little janitor” (or “tenant fröccs”): 1 dl wine + 4 dl soda
  • Mafla, “klutz”: 5 dl wine + 5 dl soda
  • Sóherfröccs, “stingy fröccs”: 1 dl wine + 9 dl soda
  • Krúdy-fröccs, “Krúdy-fröccs” (named for Gyula Krúdy): 9 dl wine + 1 dl soda
  • Pintes (or Csatos), “pint” (or “swingtop bottle”): 1 L wine + 5 dl soda
  • Lámpás, “lantern”: 1.5 L wine and 5 dl soda
  • Málnás frocks, “raspberry fröccs”: white wine + raspberry syrup + soda
  • Kass fröccs (or Tisza-fröccs), named for an artist whose innkeeper ancestors served this drink (Tisza is the name of both a river and a lake): red wine + sparkling wine
  • Kisvadász, “small hunter”: 1 dl red wine + 1 dl cola
  • Nagyvadász, “big hunter”: 2 dl red wine + 1 dl cola
  • Újházy-fröccs (named for late-18th/early-19th-century actor Ede Újházy): wine + juice from homemade fermented cucumbers (kovászos uborka)
  • Piszkos víz, “dirty water”: a glass in which wine has been served + water, for when funds are low




Souper Team