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30 Nov


Before we discover a new city most of us prepare with a plan about what to see, what to do, where to go but less of us make a plan on HOW to get to our destinations. This might seem a question of tiny details, but just think about it! Getting lost can take a lot of time. The time you could spend with more exploring, more fun, more museums, more food or more relax. And be sure you don’t want to waste any time on being lost when you are in Budapest 😉

For an “outsider” Budapest may seem a little bit chaotic, but if you are using one (or some) of the options we’re advising you, hopefully you won’t find it that complicated. 🙂



So let’s start with the easiest choice: taxi. It is a perfect option for you if you don’t want to spend time with planning and being nervous about getting lost. You just hop in the car and let experienced locals to take you where you have to be. 🙂 Also to travel by taxi is reasonably cheap in Hungary so your wallet can be happy too. But be careful! If you have ever read a “5 things to avoid in Budapest” kind of article then you have probably red to avoid taxis because of the scams. But don’t worry, you just have to be prudent and then it perfectly safe to use taxi service.

Things you should check:

  • ALL legally working taxis are YELLOW (yeah just like in SEX and the city 😉
  • ALL legally working taxis should have written their prices clearly on the outside of the car
  • There ALWAYS should be a taxi meter
  • Always check if the taxi meter started by the driver

That’s all, you all good 🙂



If you prefer to drive by yourself we still have a great option for you. MOL LIMO is a quite new service in Budapest which lets you to basically rent a car for (even really) short periods of time.

How It Works?

  1. You download the app
  2. Do the registration
  3. Check where can you find free cars nearby
  4. Go to the car and drive
  5. Park the car and pay through the app

Yes, it’s really that easy. You pay after the minutes you have used the car so it is a really user-friendly service.

Oh. One more thing. Most of these cars are environmentally friendly. 🙂



Life is more beautiful if you are watching it on a bike. That’s a fact. Exclamation mark. But if you need more persuasion here’s that. Budapest is a not that big city (well it is, but the magic happens in the centre of it ;)) so you can get anywhere you have to be fast and easy by bike. Most of the time even quicker than by car as there are a lot of traffic jams in the city most of the time. Budapest has quite a lot of options from renting bikes per minute to renting bikes per day. It’s up to what do you prefer. You can also feel free to ask our (bike loving) staff for the details. 😉



Sounds too simple and slow, doesn’t it? If you think so, you are wrong. Budapest has famously practically built public transport network. There are four metro lines – all crossing the city centre in Budapest, also the tram line which runs day and night and we haven’t even mention the buses (also running during the night) trolleybuses. Public transportation in Budapest is fast and easy to see through aaaand compared to other big cities it is really cheap (around 1 EUR/ticket). And it can even get cheaper. you heard me. There is Budapest Card – specially made for tourists – which includes limitless use of any public transportation any time for 24, 48 or 72 hours. You can also ask our staff about this option. 🙂

Have a nice journey! 



Souper Team