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30 Nov


It’s quite impossible to think about Budapest without the so famous bars and nightlife. It is safe to say that by now the bar culture and the various little pubs are just as important parts of the cityscape as the traditional tourist attractions. As it is quite impossible to line up all the kinds of the drinkeries in Budapest – and even more impossible to visit them all – we will tell you which are the 3 types of bars you really can’t miss out on while you are visiting Budapest.



Of course we have to start our list with the ruins… 🙂 Most of the ruin bars are located in the central districts of Budapest (V., VI., VII.)… not by coincidence. In the beginning of the 2000’s, the inner part of the 7th district was full of rundown, abandoned buildings. The buildings were in this state because and since the destruction of the World War II, giving a really depressing face to this part of the city. But then a ruin pub revolution started in 2002, when the guys behind Szimpla opened up the very first venue. After this the phenomenon was unstoppable and now the city is full of unique, tiny (and not so tiny) ruin bars. These places mostly keep the “ruined” style for the special atmosphere, and then equip the venue with mismatched furnitures and local artwork – this is what gives them the unique vibe what you really can’t see anywhere else around the world. Not to mention the fact if you search for the less touristy bars they are more than affordable.




This city is full of wonderful architecture and art no matter where you look. Imagine looking down on this amazing town from the top of a building. With a drink in your hand. With pleasing music in the background. While the sun goes down. Surrounded by nice people and vibes. I guess it is quite easy to find out why people love rooftop bars. To see the city from above is something what will always give you the “chills” no matter how many time you have experienced it before. And if you have never visited any rooftop bars before, Budapest is the perfect city to try it.!




Budapest is divided into Buda and Pest by the Danube. Probably it is doesn’t need to be explained too much how beautiful is it as the magnificent river runs across the middle of the city. When you are chilling – or even partying on the riverbank the view is everything. Once you have experienced how is it like when you are sipping your beer right next to the Liberty bridge with a full view on the Danube and the other side of the city you will never want to go to a regular bar.



Enjoy! 🙂



Souper Team