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15 Dec

3 Galleries you have to visit while in Budapest

Usually we have some (pretty inaccurate) stereotypes in our head about the people who are regularly visiting galleries – including they are being boring, drinking tea like the Queen of England and just being snobs in general. Well.. first of all these things doesn’t feature the 90% percent of gallery visitors and second of all you will stop thinking like this the second after you have visited a gallery. A lot of people thinks this kind of places are not for them, they find the classic arts too serious a.k.a. boring. So here we are, to introduce you 3 galleries which can provide a fantastic entertainment even for the ones who are not big fan of galleries or art.


Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center

Probably everybody heard about Robert Capa – one of the most significant photographers of the 20th century, but not everyone knows that his birth name was Freidman Endre and he was born in Budapest as the middle son of a lower class Jewish family. As a tribute to his work and heritage in 2003 December the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center was opened in Budapest in Nagymező street. The institution is dedicated to promote photography as an independent art genre. It houses a series of Hungarian and international exhibitions throughout the year.



Gallery of Secrets (Titok Galéria)

The Gallery of Secrets is one of the smaller, not so well-known galleries, which in fact doesn’t mean it can’t be just as interesting as the famous ones. The exhibition hall takes place in a friendly basement in the heart of the city and it introduces us the mysterious and unusual paintings of Ferenc Kő. The interesting factor of the exhibition is the UV light as the artist used it to surprise us – the paintings shows us different pictures in daylight and under UV light. The Gallery of Secrets also gives place to different temporary exhibitions, which also worth a visit.



Budapest Poster Gallery

This place holds up more than 2500 original Hungarian Vintage posters, meaning it is a heaven on earth for the graphic art lovers. You can find here pieces in a lots of different styles from the last century, including art deco, art nouveau and also historic posters, which were made during the communism. Here everybody can find his/her favourite poster, even the ones who are not experts in arts.

Important note: The gallery can be visited only by appointment, so take time to peruse their online catalogue before you go. You can also contact the gallery on the e-mail address or through the +3630 662 7274 phone number.



As you can see, galleries are not just for “classical art experts”, and Budapest is the right place to prove that for you. We only came up with 3 must see examples, but if you hit up the internet, there are many-many more places waiting for you to explore them. So take our advice and check out the galleries recommended by us or go ahead and find you own favorites, either way, you won’t be disappointed. 😉

Have fun!


Souper Team