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7 Feb

The LMBTQ+ friendly face of Budapest

Hungary might be not known as the most liberal country in Europe, but thanks to the countless multicultural tarvellers and to the younger generation, in the past few decades Budapest went through a massive progress. Visitors will be pleased to learn that the LMBTQ+ community in the capital is strong and vibrant, and the number of the places which are happy call themselves queer-friendly is increasing day by day.

Following in this post we will introduce you some of the most popular LMBTQ+ firendly bars and clubs in Budapest.


Why Not Bar

Unlike the most of the places on this list Why Not Bar is open every single day of the week. The bar opens late afternoon and has varouis events – inculing bingo and karaoke – to please everyone from its guests. Why Not has a really mixed crowd and it is totally worth a visiting  whether you’re a backpacker, traveller, or a student.



Kimberly Café

The worthly popular gay bar is located in the even more popular Nagymező Street. Here you have everything you need to have fun, the café provides Traditional Hungarian and international breakfast, local beer, wide range of other beverages, live music, drag shows and karaoke. We guess you are convinced already. 😉




Tütü is a place like no other. It is one of the most gripping and unique place in the city. This bar is extravagant and elegant at the same time and brave enough to be deviant. Week after week there is always something to see in Tütü – from ballerina pole dancers through burlesque shows and international performers to fine art exhibitions. We believe one of the visitors’ feed backs about the bar says it all: “If coquetry would be a place, that would be Tütü”.




Probably everyone heard about Alterego already as it is the most famous one among the gay clubs in the city. Alterego is everything and more you would want to see at gay club. There is always a great crowd, the best hits, the most amazing people and be sure about that, there are always drag queesns!! 😉 A club gives place to 4 bars, two dance floors and to constantly renewing events. If you are staying in the city during the weekend you can not miss out on Alterego!



10 Sixty-Six Bar

The bar opened at the end of 2017 in the heart of downtown – ust a few streets from Alterego and other ruin bars in the city center, so it’s a great place for the start of the night. Regardless of the fact it is not specifically labelled as an LMBTQ+ bar, it is really popular among the community as it’s motto is “Be Yourself”. 10 Sixty-Six Bar is a lovely bar which encourages the freedom of self expression and love .. and we encourage you to visit this bar during your Budapest trip because you won’t regret it for sure. 😉



Whichever bar(s) or club(s) you choose to discover during your stay in Budapest we hope you will have the best time of your life! 🙂



Souper Team