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1 Jun

Spring events in Budapest

Have a taste of spring events happening in Budapest!
Here are a few programs you’ve ought to try on your visit.


Mar 2, 2019  –  Mar 4, 2019  Budapest Fish Festival Reviews

Venue: Heroes’ Square

The Budapest Fish Festival promises to be a fun event. For a country known for its hot and spicy Fisherman’s soup prepared exclusively from freshwater fish, this four-day gastronomic event will offer plenty of fish dishes. Cooking contests, wine and pálinka tastings, live music, folklore shows and kids’ programs are all part of the festival.


Mar 3, 2019  –  Mar 4, 2019  

Venue:Castle Garden Bazaar

The ‘Flavors of Hungary’ Gastro Fair (Magyar Ízek Vására) is a semi-annual gastro event showcasing homegrown Hungarian products.

Visitors can sample homemade specialties from more than 150 vendors from around Hungary. What makes this event special is that all products are made by select Hungarian vendors. There will be a cooking show featuring traditional Hungarian recipes and visitors can get to know the vendors and producers and even vote for their favorites. Bring your kids, as this is a family event. A kid’s corner, arts and crafts workshops and other programs will keep the little ones entertained.

This gastro fair, held at Castle Garden Bazaar is guaranteed to offer something for everyone. Homemade cheese, ham, sausage, jam, honey, dried fruits, chocolate, wine and pálinka are just some of the delicacies awaiting visitors.


History of March 15th     

Venue: multiple locations

March 15th is a national holiday in Hungary. It stands for democracy and freedom and it commemorates the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, which grew into a war for independence from Habsburg rule.


Mar 18, 2019. – St Patrick’s Day Parade

Venue:Meeting point: Szabadság Square

The 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Budapest, organized by the Irish Hungarian Business Circle, promises to be a lot of fun. Irish music, dance, food & drink. The parade starts at 1:30 pm (departure at 3 pm) on Sunday, March 18th on Szabadság tér and it will finish at Instant.

Kiss me I’m Irish (in Budapest)

Well…not really, but everyone is Irish on March 17th and I love St. Patrick’s Day festivities wherever they are held around the world. In addition to the parade, here is a list of pubs where you can party with the Irish in Budapest:

Guinness House – Guinness House, the newest addition to Budapest’s Irish pub scene, is celebrating with live, traditional Irish music.

Irish Cat Pub – The Irish Cat Pub on Kálvin Square is celebrating with parties, live music, Guinness and Irish whisky.

Caledonia – The Scottish pub Caledonia offers a special St. Patrick’s week Irish menu, draught Guinness and a selection of Irish whiskies.

Hungarian Macaron Day – Marc. 20.

Venue: Tesla Budapest

The annual Macaron Day in Budapest is inspired by the Jour du Macaron held on the same day in Paris and the Macaron Day in New York City. It’s dedicated to the famous French macaron, a round crunchy pastry sandwiched together with a soft creamy center. Macarons come in a variety of colors and flavors.

On March 20th, during the Hungarian Macaron Day, visitors will have a chance to taste, smell and even learn how to bake macarons. The program includes a Macaron Fare, a Macaron Competition, programs for kids and lots of delicious pastries.


Budapest Spring Festival – Mar 30, 2019  –  Apr 22, 2019 

Venue:Multiple locations

Pulling together the best in classical music, opera, jazz and folk music, this annual festival is the largest cultural event in Hungary. A multitude of venues throughout the city welcome both, Hungarian and international performers.

There will be over 50 performances and exhibitions to choose from during the three weeks of the festival, the Budapest Opera will premier The Queen of Spades by Tchaikovsky, the Budapest Jazz Club will celebrate a “feast of Hungarian Jazz”, the Palace of Arts will feature a series of classical concerts and several plays are on the repertoire at the theaters.