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3 Jun

Best Street Food restaurants in Budapest

When you are on a holiday food is always a critical point of the daily programme. Of course sometimes we love to sit on a terrace for hours while eating a pleasant lunch and sipping coffee, but many times – especially during sightseeing – we just want to grab something to eat really fast while we are on the go. Thankfully when you are on the streets of Budapest fast doesn’t mean poor quality indeed! Check out our list of the best street food places in Budapest and thank us later for the experience. 😉


Bamba Marha

When we are talking about street food we always have to make place for hamburger on the list, so let’s start with that! While the city is packed with burger places it really worth a little extra walk to go for the quality ones, and Bamba Marha is one of them (if not the best). Bamba Marha is waiting for you with 3 central locations, and mouth-watering food. The founder is a real, stout-harted burger lover packed with creativity.. and we all know that’s the best combination when we are talking about food. 😉

Locations: Bamba Bazilika – 1051 Budapest, Október 6. utca 6.

Bamba Deák – 1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc tér 3.

Bamba Oktogon – 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 46.




If you are hungry for a soup or sandwich Bors is your place! Since its opening the gastro bar is really popular among locals and travellers as well, and not without a reason. The small place in the middle of the bustling Kazinczy street it simply magnificent. They have the most creative and delicious constantly changing menu. They offer 5-6 soup specialty (sweet ones as well) every day and weekly changing baguettes and wraps, also salads and pastas. Besides all of this, they also have a constant baguette offer, which – I guess I don’t need to mention – is phenomenal. There is only one thing we would risk to call better than food in Bors and that’s the atmosphere. First of all, the music and the design of the place is one of the coolest in the town, but the staff is THE BEST, it’s safe to say they are the nicest and most professional guys in the city!

Location:         1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 10.




When we are talking about street food barbecue might be not your first thought, but it will be for sure after you have visited BpBARbq. You can find this heavenly place in the middle of the ruin pub area, just at the perfect location for a nice meal before going out. Here you can find everything you would expect from a bbq place: pulled pork, space ribs, reuben, amazing burgers and more. Also, above all of this they also have a fantastic cocktail menu. If you are in love with the rich, smoky flavours, this is one hundred percent your place.

Location:         1072 Budapest, Akácfa utca 24.




Pizza is also one of the things we have to mention when the subject is street food. As in other big cities, you can find a “pizza by slice” kind of place on every corner in Budapest too, and to be honest at most of the places the pizza they offer is quite okay, but Pizzica is really next level among them. The owner – Paolo de Bartolomeo – filled the place with love and delicious, quality Italian ingredients. If you are passing Nagymező steert during your sightseeing do not forget to try out Pizzica’s delicious offer! You would really regret it if you would miss out on Budapest’s best pizza, don’t you? 😉

Location:         1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 21.




VegaCity is a big-big favourite of Budapest for a long time and not by accident. Everything here is super tasty, super healthy and one hundred percent vegan. Due to its perfect location – close to the Astoria – it is easily accessible for everyone who are prepared for the best breakfast, lunch or smoothie of their lives. VegaCity also offers for its guest a wide range of sugar and gluten-free goods. Forget the stereotype about that vegan food is not tasty or filling, or if you don’t believe us, go visit the place and let the food convince you! 😉

Location: 1053 Budapest, Múzeum körút 23.



Bon appetit! 😉